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Are your products made of genuine leather?

- All our products, which are not labeled as PVC or latex, are made by hand from genuine, high quality leather. 

Why is not there a vegan version?

- We could not find any vegan leather that convinced us. We only want to offer our customers what we 100% are convinced of!

How long does the delivery take?

- The desired product will be shipped to 2-5 working days and is thus according to experience within a week at yours. If you have an appointment or deadline, let us know and we will do our best to find a solution.

Are all products really handmade?

- All our designs are carefully made by hand. This guarantees a perfect fit and a high quality, as well as the contribution of your wishes. We offer under the category "Basics" accessories, which we do not manufacture ourselves, and to facilitate the combination of our outfits.

Do I have to order custom made?

- If you wish, it is sufficient to give a dress size and, depending on the design, a cup size. Our designs can be adjusted again in almost every position and adapt to your body, even over years. Of course, we recommend for a perfect fit to specify all requested dimensions, especially if you have your own wishes. 

Can I bring in special requests?

- With pleasure! Just contact us and we will find out together what is possible.